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About Us

Our humble beginning . . .

Our bow tie making started a few years ago when my brother and I worked in a restaurant where bow ties were part of our uniform.  Employees were encouraged to wear bow ties that expressed their "unique" personalities. 


There wasn't much available so my mother, Monica Maria, and I decided to make them.  We picked out some "unique" material, made our own pattern and started making bow ties.  In fact, it was Dad who suggested our label should be "Monica Maria". 

The bow ties were not only a hit with the other employees, but the customers also liked them.  As we expanded to the internet, our customer base grew.  With using cotton fabric for the bow ties, we found so many more designs were available.  We now offer the largest selection of handmade bow ties on the net.

We continue to look for the "unique" patterns that you just can't find anywhere else.  We want all of our customers, in all types of occupations and interests, to be able to find that bow tie that will express their personality perfectly.

Thanks for stopping by,
Cadi & Monica



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